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Everything we do, we see our consumers and our consumers’ consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.

The way we see the people (consumers), we make our campaigns and products/services creatively designed, result oriented and productive.

We happen to get the results, creatively, want to shake hands?


Here at eatSeeds, we believe that there is a better way to do the marketing. A more valuable, less invasive way. Better marketing is responsive to customers’ needs, builds a community, and earns brand loyalty. It creates an environment that improves our entire industry — an environment where customers are earned rather than bought. And it starts with the core values we live at the office every day.


We allow information to pass through so that clarity behind can be distinctly seen. We represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to our coworkers and to our customers, sharing as much of the truth as we can without sacrificing our other values.


We believe in being the indisputably original people we are online and offline, in the office and outside of it. We deeply respect and strongly encourage free expression about our differences in opinion and diversity of backgrounds in an environment that nurtures and supports us all.


We will over-deliver when we can, providing our community and our customers with more than their money’s worth. We believe in giving back without asking for anything in return and that providing value and help to others is its own reward.


We strive to make the work of marketing more enjoyable and creative. We're obsessed to creating and maintaining a friendly, relaxed work environment, and make every effort to bring positivity to our customers and community.


eatSeeds is a safe place where we work to see things from other people's perspectives. We will treat others the way we wish to be treated: with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We will work hard to ensure our customers live this value as well


The exception to the rule, we will avoid the assumption that existing norms are the right path. We choose to build our campaigns, products/services and company in a way that critically examines best practices, often paving our own better path forward.

About Us


Marketing (Online + Offline)

If you really want to spread the word fast or set up a business then there is no such thing as marketing. It can get you what you want in days for what you may have to wait for months the non-marketing way. Moreover, there are no boundaries to the reach unless you want to limit ethics.

Content Writing

Content is the king and you know it we are sure. Content is something that boosts your audience to take the actions that you need them to. It helps the audience to make sound and informed decisions. Thus, ultimately increasing footfalls and inquiries.


Enjoy the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines.Optimize your search engine with the SEO team at eatSeeds to make your company even more visible. We've Been Building Our Metrics For Years – Make Them Yours.

Web Development

Web, as we’ll know, holds the majority of the internet market and thus is highly essential to be leveraged. In today’s era of digitalization, web presence is the must. There is simply no point in having a website that hangs round the clock just like a calendar on a wall. Today, it needs to do much more than just being present online.

Mobile App Development

Mobile is the other facet that needs to be leveraged too, considering that masses today check their phones even before they take the first sip of their morning tea/ coffee. With mobile, you could namely accomplish anything that you need. Right from sending a notification to managing check-ins and checkouts. You got it all.

Software Development

eatSeeds is the premier provider of software solutions for every businesses. The software is something that actually rules the businesses these days. Consider any industry, they have a certain software to ease their work. The software can be of great help if you want to be creative. Enquire at us about your operational requirements.


Videos are the best way to communicate with your audience. You can easily explain, communicate or any other thing that you may want to. And as said, digital ways are the best when you want people to remember without turning them off.


If you want to impress the eyes then you got to have some excellent designs. Designing is one thing that comes up at all stages right from website, banners, social media, SEO, flanking, etc. So, you got to do it right.

Bulk SMS

Since the inception of mobile and mobile messaging SMS has been of great use to people and to organizations till the date. Many small, medium and large organizations leverage this particular service in order to reach their targeted audience. You can do it too, with eatSeeds.


We've Been Building Our Metrics For Years – Make Them Yours. Leverage The eatSeeds To Get The High Value Results.

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