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eatSeeds Scholarship Program

For the very first time in Nashik eatSeeds is offering scholarships to students from grade 5th to grade 10th in the field of extra curricular and hobbies. We understand that co curricular activities are very important in a students life but we have also encountered that usually people turn a blind eye towards it. The problem may be any may it be related to coaching, monetary issues or anything else. We have got solutions to all. For the very same, we have organized a competition where the students can explore and excel in their filed if interest. The competition will be conducted on a district level according to the grades i.e; grade 5th students will he competing with students of grade 5th and so on till grade 10th. To apply for the same the directions are as below.

  • The students need to submit the form for the competition on eatSeeds website.
  • They will be informed about the competition over phone.
  • Once they compete their results will be declared and will be informed over the website.
  • The winners will be eligible for the scholarships and can choose from the list of hobbies and co curricular activities. Stay tuned.
  • So, all the very best and may the best win.

Enrollment Form

Dear Student,

You have to fill the entire form in order to get enrolled for this life changing scholarship program. Kindly fill all the details given in the form. Your certificate will get dispatched to your address. Further details will be send to you on your contact number. You will be given list of hobbies after submitting general communication details and you have to select maximum 3 or else you can put down in other(box) if not found in the list.

Please note:You are only eligible and able to participate in this scholarship program once you have filled out the form completely and submitted it on eatSeeds website. Once the scholarship program (competition) is over the result will be declared and the winners will be awarded with the scholarships.

50% 50%

Below list is only for the reference. Kindly click on the box if & only if your hobby matches or type your hobbies in other section (box). / खालील यादी हि फक्त संदर्भासाठी असून जर दिलेल्या यादीत तुमचा छंद असेल तर त्यापैकी जास्तीतजास्त तीन पर्याय निवडा व तुमचा छंद यादीत नसल्यास other बॉक्स मध्ये लिहा.

eatSeeds Scholarship Form

  Acting / अभिनय   Craft / शिल्पकला
  Hiking / हायकिंग   Yoga / योगा
  Quilting / क्विल्टिंग   Crochet / विणकाम
  Cooking / पाककला   Piano / पियानो
  Games / खेळ   Painting / चित्रकला
  Modelling / मॉडेलिंग   Table Tennis / टेबल टेनिस
  Soccer / सॉकर   Badminton / बॅडमिंटन
  Swimming / पोहणे   Fencing / फेंसिन्ग
  Skating / स्केटिंग   Sketching / रेखाकृती
  Electronics / इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स   Dancing / नृत्य
  Basketball / बास्केटबॉल   Boating / नौकाविहार
  Lawn Arts / लॉन आर्ट्स   Badminton / बॅडमिंटन


  Pottery / कुंभारकाम   Archery / तिरंदाजी
  Puppetry / कठपुतळी   Cricket / क्रिकेट
  Knitting / विणणे   Rapping / रॅपिंग
  Writing / लेखन   Guitar / गिटार
  Trekking / ट्रेकिंग   Travelling / प्रवास
  Nail Art / नाखावरील नक्षी   Lawn Tennis / लोंन टेनिस
  Soccer / सॉकर   Football / फुटबॉल
  Chess / बुद्धिबळ   Coloring / रंगकाम
  Meditation / चिंतन   Magic / जादूकला
  Drawing / रेखांकन   Bicycling / सायकलिंग
  Running / रनिंग   Basketball / बास्केटबॉल
  Lawn Arts / लॉन आर्ट्स